California |24-25 March 2018

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The USA’s largest personal development trade fair, held over a weekend where you can listen to inspirational speakers like Paul McKenna, network with industry leaders and explore the latest in the human potential movement at the exhibition stands. The Best You EXPO is perfect for businesses whose target audience is the personal growth, success oriented, socially conscious individual, interested in developing their body and mind to the utmost and actively seeking solutions. Businesses owners come to the BEST YOU EXPO to meet thousands of potential customers face-to-face and to build those all-important human connections with their target audience. This provides an unparalleled opportunity to sell products and services to a motivated audience with high spending power actively looking for solutions over one inspirational weekend.

The types of industries and businesses that can benefit include…

-Coaching of all types
-Physical health, fitness, and sports performance
-Image, Beauty, and Antiaging
-Natural Health and Organic Products
-Retreats and Activity Getaways
-Eco-friendly products

-Coaching of all types
-Physical health, fitness, and sports performance
-Image, Beauty, and Antiaging
-Natural Health and Organic Products
-Retreats and Activity Getaways
-Eco-friendly products


  • 19 hours of face-to-face engagement with 12,000 expected attendees.
  • Position your brand as a leader in the personal and professional development industry.
  • Grow your database, your client list and your work calendar for the year ahead!
  • Drive revenue by selling your products: training courses, seminars, books, eco-friendly products, health and nutritional solutions, mindfulness training, yoga and meditation classes, retreats, etc.
  • Gain brand exposure to a large, targeted, international audience, before, during and after the event through a partnership with The Best You:
    • Online audience of nearly 6K of monthly users and 18K unique pageviews per month.
    • Over 540K reach via FB posts with 1.2K unique impression followers.
    • Readership of 35K+ in The Best You bi-monthly magazine.

Why You Should Exhibit

The truth is, meetings are more important than ever and absolutely everyone in the personal and professional development field needs to exhibit at The Best You EXPO. The value in exhibiting comes from the human-to-human connections, meetings, networking, learning and fun that occurs. It is the people that you meet at the EXPO that bring the ROI to your time and investment as an exhibitor. Not only trainers, authors, publishers, mentors, healers, homeopathic therapists, coaches, speakers bureaus, web developers and media advisors – but anyone and everyone who has a skill connected to the business of personal and professional development will benefit. If your strategy is to be the best in your field, don’t miss this valuable opportunity!

Gettng the Best From the Best You Expo

  • Position yourself as an expert. When you are active in your industry, you can develop a reputation as an expert to your peers and your clients. Exhibiting and Speaking at The Best You EXPO associates your brand with the experts in the professional and personal development industry. And…clients feel good about doing business with those that are celebrated as the best in their field!
  • Plant seeds. The Best You EXPO is the perfect place to “plant seeds”. You have the opportunity to meet with like-minded people in an inspiring environment where you can discuss topics on a deeper and personal level, the success of the EXPO to those involved becomes irreplaceable. The value comes from the human-to-human connections that occur and that are necessary to establish an emotional bond and rapport with a potential customer.
  • Have fun. Being in the personal growth business should be rewarding and fun! All work and no play can get old fast. The Best You EXPO provides a host of fun activities such as our inspiration zone, a cocktail networking party an awards programme and a GALA dinner! Taking part in the extra events is a great way to maximise your investment and have fun at the EXPO. Never underestimate the power of a little fun mixed with some very inspiring people!

Mastin Kipp

Marie Diamond

Bernardo Moya

Jason Vale

Sara Davison

Dean Graziosi

Lynn Rose

James Arthur Ray

Paul Hoffman

Renee Piane

Nikki Collins

DR. Isaura de la Caridad Gonzalez

Jim Kwik

Michelle Patterson

Ankha Marza

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24-25 March, 2018


Everyone attending the event MUST register! Registration is on Monday, 15th February 2018 from 8:00am until 9:00am.

Please allow at least 15 minutes for this process.


E-tickets will be sent to your email address closer to the event. The ticket will gain you entry into the event. You are required to bring your ticket to registration on Thursday. Please print this out and keep it safe!

If more than one ticket has been purchased, tickets will not be emailed until we have the details of all ticket holders. The details required are full name, email, mobile number & physical address. Please email these details to info@BuyUrTicket.COM.

Long Beach, California