You need to Boost your Mental immunity too!

In today’s times when the whole world is going through a pandemic and most of the people don’t have anything to do and the ones who are still working are going through low times , it’s difficult to have a balanced mental hygiene , but it is the most important thing to do in this phase since mental illness can be a trigger point to lot of things to ones well-being. 

People are having different emotions , be it good , bad , anxiety , nervousness and the reasons of all of it can be varied from person to person and most of the time one doesn’t even know the trigger. The trigger is important to be discovered and it has to be first and foremost step to get onto the path of well-being or bettering oneself mentally than before. 

There has to be a certain belief system that one person has to have in order to self boost mental immunity. To boost or build on the mental immunity there are a lot of ways, yes therapy is always an option but not readily accepted. So if you’re not a person who’s an introvert & shy to reach out for a help outside one can always opt to other ways. They can be something as simple as , journaling your thoughts , talking to your family and friends – opening up to them about your problems or difficulties because your immediate support system and the people staying around you or your circle how they lift you up , how they understand you or how they comfort you is important to begin with. From there on when you start talking to 2-3 of them , from your friends & family , you know where your at and then you can seek for that help accordingly. 

Other ways to boost mental immunity that one can simply do at home – currently food is playing a very important role cause that’s actually in your control of what you can eat , it plays important role in how you feel about yourself. Other than that there’s meditation , breathing exercises like – when your breathing , you focus on your breathe and when you take your breathe all the way down to your root chakra (like we’ve 7 chakras) , then you take it down to your sacral chakra and you keep doing that for all chakras in your  body that’ll help you cleanse the energy & aura around. Apart from this one can have conversations with people , surfing the Internet – reading lot of things and clearing out things for oneself rather than suppressing it within as that won’t help but rather compound over a period of time. 

Few other common ways to boost ones mental health are as follows 

  • Spending time at your favourite space at home – it’s really important to identity that one place or the corner at your house where you can read , relax & feel rejuvenated
  • Meditation – there’re lot of guided meditations now available one can simply look up for it without having hassles. It really helps one calm down. 
  • Self compassion – spending time with oneself and doing absolutely nothing. 
  • Journaling – writing about how you are feeling will really help you especially on those most stressful days 
  • Listen to your body – when you feel exhausted listen to calm music , watch some sitcoms or movies that interests you and soothes you further more 
  • Chanting – the common experience is that the process of chanting broadens and deepens ones view points. 

Your adversity is your biggest advantage ! Some setbacks in life bring out the best in you. So we must appreciate the occasional storms that god sends our way, it only helps us grow as a person and makes us stronger. 

To all of you fighting battles alone, stay strong, keep going, cause on the other side of the pain is GLORY 

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