Which Ticket Is Right For You?

Tony Robbins’ upcoming event, Unleash the Power Within is extremely popular, having hosted over 4 million people so far at his live seminars. There are 4 ticket options for his upcoming event; Gold, Ruby, Diamond and Solitaire. Each option varies in its package so it can be difficult to choose which one is best to ensure you receive the best experience possible, luckily we are here to help find the right ticket experience for you!

All 4 seating options provide the fire-walk experience, course materials and the official UPW notebook. All prices are currently on special offer, though spaces are quickly running out so be sure to decide before they sell out!

Gold Seating is at the bottom of the price range, originally priced at £1,699 but is currently on offer at £1,099. Included in this ticket price is Gold Seating, furthest away from Tony Robbins but no less effective, as he inspires millions from a distance every single day. Along with the 4 days of the event, the Gold ticket price includes the course materials and official UPW notebook and the Fire-Walk experience, using the techniques learned during the event to overcome fire itself.

Ruby Seating, the middle price range, originally £2,999 if now sitting at £1,799 on special offer, is closer to Tony Robbins. People in Ruby Seating will experience the fire-walk, receive course materials and get the official UPW notebook so you can take what you have learned into your everyday life after the event.

The Diamond Seating is heading towards the top end of the price range, originally £4,999 is now sitting on offer at £3,299 brings you closer to Tony Robbins. This includes the fire-walk experience, course materials and the UPW notebook just like Gold and Ruby, however the price of the Diamond Seating includes so much more. Including fast track registration, advanced daily entry and a meal provided on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Moreover, Diamond Seating includes access to the exclusive Diamond Lounge experience.

Solitaire Seating is the most exclusive seating at the UPW event. At £7,999 originally, currently on offer at £3,599 this ticket sits at the top of the price range and brings you closer than ever to Tony Robbins, occupying the first rows of seating closest to the stage. This ticket offers fast track registration, advanced daily entry, fire-walk experience, course materials and the UPW notebook. On top of this, the Solitaire seating includes a meal supplied on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and full exclusive access to the Diamond Lounge Experience.

The exclusive privileges of the Diamond Lounge include your own barista, providing complimentary tea and coffee any time you want, a concierge on call for any arrangements and assistance, complimentary wifi access, superb buffet lunches and refreshments, a separate secluded area to relax and process your learning and finally a mini massage, because you deserve a treat!

These tickets are available on special offer at https://buyurticket.com/, there are limited seats available so don’t delay!

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