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The Belarusian-American internet personality Gary Vee is the founder and chairman of multiple businesses which are successfully running around the world, thanks to his innovative ideas and constant persistence. We will take a closer look at one of his businesses ‘Vaynermedia’, a digital agency:   

Vaynermedia was founded in 2009 by Gary and his brother AJ Vaynerchuk. The company operates as an agency in the digital environment and offers modern video production, media planning and distribution, influencer marketing, Google and Alexa voice services and much more to high profile clients, such as PepsiCo and Mondelez.

When Gary first started this business with his brother, he admitted on his website, Garyvaynerchuk.comthat he wasn’t worried about establishing another company from scratch due to lack of expertise in that area of business, but rather looking forward to exploring new territory and the challenges and reward it can provide.

During this period for Gary, he wasn’t sure whether he made the right decision to start the agency as he also published his book “Crush it” and his daughter Misha was born the same year. Making it a very busy year for him, and the challenge of a new venture proved to be scary.

The huge weight on Gary’s shoulders during this period did not deter him however, he took the mindset that having an abundance of options is a blessing. This experience has taught him to follow his instincts and trust himself to be able to choose the right path to continue to pursue every opportunity as he believes that every venture will offer a reward, even if it’s not the one that was expected; either in successful results or as a new life experience gained.

Gary and AJ Vaynerchuk

Gary and AJ Vaynerchuk, Credit: Garyvaynerchuk

Another valuable lesson Gary realised in starting the business is completely new hierarchical structure and approach in this agency. Referring himself as an “HR-CEO”, Gary believes that a “strong internal culture” plays an important part in a business because if the employees are not satisfied with the company’s values, their work will portray that dissatisfaction. Therefore, more employers have to take this into consideration and transform their workplace according to it. VaynerMedia is proof that putting this concept as a priority is working, especially in the hiring and firing process. Both are emotional processes which any CEO has to guarantee effective HR is in place to ensure the happiness of the employee. On his Instagram, his followers get the chance to get to know the company on a more personal level from an employee’s perspective. With this method, Gary and AJ were able to increase the size of their employees from 12 to over 800 employees.    

The company is planning to expand into Asia in the upcoming years, mainly in Singapore. Interviewed by “Mumbrella Asia” during the “Brand Minds” conference in Singapore,  Gary shared his thoughts on the expansion and is convinced that it´s the right time for the company to enter this market since they are already collaborating with global businesses so its a natural process for the agency to explore new markets, even with the different culture in every country and workplace around the world. Moreover, he believes its important for the agency to be present worldwide.

Gary Vee at "Brand Minds" conference in Singapore, being interviewed

Gary Vee at “Brand Minds” conference in Singapore, Credit: Mumbrella.Asia

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