The Top 5 Lessons from Tony Robbins

Last year my friend and I attended Tony Robbins one of the most successful events, Unleash the Power Within. I have to admit before I went, I really didn’t know too much about the motivational speaker and author, Tony Robbins as well as Unleash the Power Within.

At the event, we met a lot of successful people, chanted “Yes!” over and over again, and shook our hips (there was a lot of dancing, and yes, I danced a lot), but most importantly, we learned a lot about success and a lot about ourselves.

Before pointing out the lessons that I learnt from Tony Robbins, let’s have a look at the event – Unleash The Power Within.

Tony Robbins UPW

What is Unleash the Power Within?

For those of you that are not familiar with Unleash the Power Within (UPW), it’s a four-day event with Tony Robbins designed to help you create a breakthrough and create the quality of life you desire.

A lot of celebrities are also witnessed at Tony Robbins UPW event. You can see who all have attended and how was their experience at this highly energetic event here.

Day 1 is all about turning your fear into power and wraps up with a barefoot firewalk on 2000 degree hot coals.

Day 2 is about understanding what you want out of life and helps you discover the steps needed to create a lasting change.

Day 3 is about discovering your limiting beliefs that are holding you from success, such as “I’m too young” or “I’m not educated enough” and replacing them with empowering beliefs that help drive the results you want.

Day 4 is all about preparing your body to have the energy you need to have an extraordinary quality of life.

What did I learn?

It would be impossible for me to write every single thing I’ve learned at UPW, so below, I’m going to share some of the major takeaways that had the biggest impact on me.

Outstanding by Choice-

One thing that really stood out to me was the idea that being outstanding is a choice and we’re the masters of our own destiny. Listening to Tony and the stories he shared was a great reminder that being the best is 100% a choice.

However, if this hunger is temporary, it will go away. This hunger, this motivational energy, is a choice. This is why many of us settle for good. It’s like when we say “I worked out the last two days, I’m going to take today off” and before you know it, you haven’t worked out in two weeks.

Trade your expectations for appreciations-

When we have expectations, we set ourselves up for disappointment if they’re not met. Rather than waiting for life to match our expectations, focus on what we can appreciate at this moment. Gratitude sees everything as a gift, and abundance becomes our natural state.

Stress = Fear-

Another one of Tony’s concepts that really resonated with me was that stress and fear are one entity. In other words, if you break down why you’re stressed at work or home, the cause is almost fear.

Tony expressed that if we can come to terms with the fact and start believing that we are good enough and can be loved, we can overcome these fears.

Outstanding is Better than Excellent-

Tony Robbins explains that the difference between a novel and good is huge and that the difference between good and excellent is just as big. The difference between excellence and outstanding, however, is very thin. Good get good rewards, but excellence unfortunately only gets good rewards too. Outstanding, on the other hand, gets all the best rewards.

For example, if you’re the best in the world at an event in the Olympics, you get a gold medal. Second and third get medals too, but they’re not gold. What does 4th place get? The 4th best person in the entire world gets nothing.

So how does one go from being excellent to the best? Read this article and learn how to excel and be successful.

Where focus goes, energy flows-

Where you put your attention on magnifies. What we focus on feels real to us. There’s really only 3 things we have control over what we focus on, the meaning we give to it, and what we do about it. Take control of your focus and make sure it’s in a positive direction.

Interested in attending the next UPW?

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