Tony Robbins on Handling Depression With Ease

Tony Robbins has changed over 4 million lives of people from 100 different countries and believes most of our problems can be cured almost instantly without depending on anyone else.

So listen up, the first truth and the most important lesson from Tony Robbins whole depression series to understand is:

Depression is totally a choice!

You probably do not want to hear that, but your desire to jump out of depression is more important than your ego, your habit of blaming something else and not taking responsibility for feeling the way you do. You might attend motivational events or seminars and still be in the same state of depression, but as soon as you accept depression is a choice, liberation from depression can take place literally instantly.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins explains that depression is a state of mind we reach by taking deliberate steps. In other words, it is a sequence of decisions we make, consciously or subconsciously and it is something we have learned. The good news is that depression is something we can unlearn and control.

First, let us see how depression can be achieved. There are broadly three ways depression can be achieved:

  • Physiology/Posture 

How we physically hold our-self has an effect on our nervous system. The physiology/posture of our body literally communicates with the brain to inform it that we are depressed and it begins creating the emotional chemicals of depression.


  • Language 

The words we use to internally/externally describe our current moments. Words have a powerful influence on us because we have given words meaning. If we describe ourselves as worthless or describe our day as being painful, the brain will immediately begin generating the corresponding emotional chemicals and propagate such feelings. That is because we associate the word “worthless” with a host of negative meanings. If we describe our-self as worthless, the brain listens to our thoughts and begins generating the corresponding emotions of depression.


  • Mental Focus 

What images are we producing in our heads? What are we visualising? What experiences or emotions are we imagining? If our focus is on negative things, the same process begins, where the brain will produce depressive emotional chemicals. 

In conclusion, recognizing that you are in control and responsible for the things you are doing to get to depression, will help you snap out of this behaviour.

Depression drains your energy, hope, and drive, making it difficult to take the steps that will help you to feel better. But while overcoming depression is not a quick or an easy process, it is definitely far from impossible. You cannot just will yourself to “snap out of it,” but you do have more control than you realize even if your depression is severe and stubbornly persistent.

The key is to start small and build from there. Feeling better takes time, but you can get there by making positive choices for yourself each day. Anytime you are feeling depressed, just follow these steps:

1) Blow away your mind with an avalanche of information about the truth of depression, remember it is up to you! You possess the ability to correct your own behaviour.

2) Keep your physiology/posture confident and erect.

3) Use powerful and positive words to describe your day, play make-believe if you have to. Do whatever it takes to feel positive.

4) Mentally focus on what you want in life; what things do you have in life that are going well for you? If you had to be grateful, what are you grateful for in your life right now? Picture and visualize people, places, and situations in your life that excite you and fulfils you. Again, play make-believe if you have to.

5) And lastly, supercharge your mood on a regular basis by flooding your mind with hours of extraordinary stories of inspiration and electrifying motivational speeches.

Bathe yourself in positivity! And never forget: you’re not alone! There are millions of others here with you going through similar experiences in life. Commit to yourself that by the end of 2018 you will fight depression, stay strong and Unleash the Power Within.

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