How to Suffer Less and Be Positive

Whether you would like to avoid unnecessary emotional suffering or unnecessary financial suffering, this post has something for you.

The human brain is not designed to make us happy and fulfilled. It is designed to make us survive. Most people live this way since it is the path of least resistance. They make unconscious decisions, based on habit and conditioning and are at the mercy of their own minds. They assume that it is just an inevitable part of life to get frustrated, stressed, sad, and angry or in other words, to live in a suffering state. But according to Tony Robbinsone of the best motivational speaker in the world, here is another path, one that involves directing your thoughts so that your mind does your bidding, not the other way around.

Everyone has his or her own flavour of suffering. So here is our question for you: Which energy sapping emotion do you indulge in most? Is it sadness? Frustration? Anger? Despair? Self-pity? Jealousy? Worry? The specific details do not really matter because they are all states of suffering. And all this suffering is really just the result of an undirected mind that is hell-bent on looking for problems.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins says consciously or unconsciously, we all are focused on at least one of three triggers for suffering:


When you focus on loss, you become convinced that a particular problem has caused or will cause you to lose something you value. For example, you have a conflict with your spouse, and it leaves you feeling that you have lost love or respect. But it does not have to be something someone else did or failed to do that caused you to perceive the sense of loss. This sense of loss can also be triggered by something you did or failed to do. For example, you procrastinated, and now you have lost a business opportunity. Whenever we believe in the illusion of loss, we suffer.


When you focus on the idea that you have less or will have less, you will suffer. For example, you might become convinced that because of a situation or a person’s action in a certain way, you will have less joy, less money, less success, or some other painful consequence. Once again, less can be triggered by what you, or others, do or fail to do.


When you focus on the idea or become consumed by a belief that you will never have something you value such as love, joy, respect, wealth, opportunity then you are doomed to suffer, you will never be happy, you will never become the person you want to be. This pattern of perception is a surefire route to pain. Remember: the mind is always trying to trick us into a survival mindset. So never say never! For example, because of an illness, an injury, or because of something your brother did or said, you might believe that you will never get over it.

These three patterns of focus account for most, if not all, of our suffering. Once you are aware of these patterns of focus, you can systematically change them, thereby freeing yourself from these habits of suffering. It all starts with the realization that this involves a conscious choice. If you want to unleash the power within then you need to master your mind. The secret of living an extraordinary life is to take control of the mind since this alone will determine whether you live in a suffering state or a beautiful state.

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