Stop Worrying About Making The Right Decision

Decision making is a very difficult process especially when you are clueless or stuck at something. Critical decisions have to be made when you are on your way to lead a successful life. One good decision will have a huge positive impact for years, and so can a bad decision have a huge negative impact. In this post, Tony Robbins– America’s number 1 life and business strategist, helps us in simplifying the complex process of decision making.

How to make the right decision?

In practical life, decision making is a continuous process. We decide on so many things on our daily routine that we do not even realise. We continuously decide between things from what to have at breakfast to deciding the plan for the night. We are constantly deciding on certain things all the time, some are minor decisions and some are major decisions like relationship decisions, life decisions, career decisions etc. When it is time to make such major decisions, even the most cool-minded person starts to worry and panic about the consequences. As a result, we often try delaying the decisions or try to avoid it completely. Only taking decisions help you move forward in the desired direction. Otherwise, you will be stuck in the same old routine for your entire life. Attending events like Unleash the Power Within will help you move forward and take quick decisions.

Tony Robbins

If you ever feel confused and anxious while you are about to make a major decision, this post is surely for you, just follow these steps:

Talk it out

Talking and confessing about the decisions help you in getting more information and perceptions about the decision. So, discuss it with your spouse, close friend or your mentor to get a better vision.


Be logical and rational

The biggest mistake people usually do while taking a decision is giving more emphasis to their emotional and sensitive side. So, it is better that you stay in control and relaxed during the entire process of decision making. Quoting Tony Robbins from one of his UPW London events “It’s Not about knowing what to do, it’s about doing what you know”. Hence always give more dominance to your logical and rational side because that is when you do what you know.


Address your fear

Making a decision means you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and fight your fears. The best way to address your fear is to write about it. This way you will have a clearer picture of what was stopping you in the past or what is stopping you at present.


Think of the consequences

Any decision that you take will definitely have either a positive or a negative impact on your professional life as well as personal life. So, before making a decision, try to portray the larger picture and consider the possible outcomes.


Make a list of pros and cons

This is a very common yet effective trick to cope up with the indecisiveness. It is very simple, all you have to do is take a piece of paper and jot down all the merits and demerits of the decision that is bothering you. This will help you gain a comprehensive idea about the decision and consequences of the decision that you are about to take and helps you gain a better position to take a call.


Make your decision concrete

You can re-analyse and agonise endlessly over what you have considered but at one point you will have to stop and take the final call. Once you have finalised something be firm and steady on it. Do not let anyone influence or change your mind once you have a final decision. Respect your decision no matter what and always stand your ground.  

The next time you are challenged with a decision whether it’s small or big, follow these steps during your decision-making process. These steps will empower you in gaining clarity to take a decisive action in the desired direction. 


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