Seating categories at the UPW 2020!

The massive seating arena at the UPW 2020 has different seating categories with different features and different prices. Prices differ on the basis of how close the seating is to the stage and other characteristics. All tickets are currently being sold at discounted rates here .
The most well-priced and most popular tickets are of the GOLD category. They include the upper-tier seats, the fire-walk experience, course materials, and registration materials.
The next slightly better category of seating is the VIP category. It holds the same inclusions as the GOLD category but the seating is lower-tiered and is closer to the stage.
Next comes the RUBY category that has floor seating, only a few meters away from the stage. In addition to all the features of the previous category, this ticket type allows advance entry into the main room from Day 2 onward.
The second-best seating category is the DIAMOND category. In addition to all the features of the RUBY, this ticket includes fast track registration, a gift bag, a welcome reception on the first day, and one meal on each of the other three days.
And finally, the best seating category, with the front most seats closest to Tony, is the SOLITAIRE category. In addition to all the features of the DIAMOND seating, it includes entry to the backstage on the first day, allowing personal interaction with Tony himself and getting an insight into what goes into the planning of the program.
Seats can be chosen as per one’s convenience and budget. The brilliant fire-walk experience remains common to all the ticket types. The cost of the tickets, however much or less, will always be small in comparison to the priceless knowledge and experience that the UPW can take you through. Everyone is guaranteed to walk out a happier person on track with their path to success.

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