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Tony Robbins, the world’s greatest life coach, has healed and mended millions of lives over the past two decades. He has used his experience to better the lives of others, exponentially. His simple solutions have solved the most complex of problems, and his positivity has helped people live through the toughest of situations. He’s possesses an uncanny power to connect with the minds of people.
Everyone in the world has their own set of problems that are exclusive to them, and everyone has a different way of dealing with them. But somehow, Tony has something for everyone to sail through their journey with ease. The most common problem that people face these days is financial crises. Money seems to be the main reason behind everyone’s sleepless nights and stress levels. This in turn can lead to various health problems. But Tony believes that a healthy mind is the most important thing to have, before you can work on other aspects of your life. He believes positive thinking can solve half your worries, and more than half of your problems! Money is a volatile asset and one cannot spend their happiness on something so temporaryband uncertain. And so, Tony tells you not only how to earn more by implementing basic alterations in your professional lives, but also teaches you how to be happy in what you already have.
A lot of us strive to be who we have dreamed of being since we were children. We’re trying to achieve our goals and aspirations every day but it’s never as easy we thought it would be when we were ypung. The real world has its set of obstacles and hardships, often enough to throw us completely off track. More often than not, we see ourselves failing, and settling for things lower than the expectations we had set for ourselves, because of one simple reason- it’s very difficult, in this competitive world, to achieve what you seek. Hundreds of people are running after the same job, the same scholarship, and the same promotion! How then, are we supposed to carve out a space for ourselves? In Unleash the Power Within 2010, Tony tells you how.
Tony also addresses an issue all of us face often- heartbreak. Something that just kills a part of us every time we go through it. But it’s not heartbreak which is the real problem here. What need to work on, is our coping mechanism. The best of us get our hearts broken in different ways. We go into a hiding shell, our cocoon. We separate ourselves from the world, and refrain from ever letting ourselves feel something like that again. We keep our guard up. And inevitably, this affects other relationships of our lives with our parents, friends, and most importantly, our work. How many times do we just think and overthink the same thing without coming to any helpful conclusion? How should we accept what happened to us, and explain to ourselves what went wrong? It’s difficult, extremely difficult. The part of our brain that deals with love, is extremely sensitive and vulnerable and resorts easily to self-blame. And that, is what we need to save ourselves from. Tony tells you how to save yourself from spiralling down, and not letting go of your self-worth and not losing who you are.

Another primary source of unhappiness for all of us is the loss of someone we love. There is no way to lessen the pain, of course, and there’s nothing that can fill the void created by the loss of our loved one. But we have to accept what has happened, and be strong enough to bear the pain. Some people live in denial, while others tend to deny themselves happiness, and both things are extremely unhealthy and can lead to sever cases of depression. How then, are we supposed to accept what happened and move on? One of the most challenging things to do, but Tony can definitely tell you how.
And now, the most consuming issue of all- our fears. Fears that don’t let us go that extra mile and be who we truly are. Fear of being judged, fearing of losing what we have, and fear of failing. More often than not, our insecurities about the future get the better of us, and ruin our present. And these are things that don’t go away, because fears latch themselves deep into our mind. But according to Tony, fears are only what we let ourselves be afraid of. And so he came up with his world famous concept of the firewalk- a thirty second walk over burning hot coal. As extreme as this may sound, you will be surprised to know the number of people this has actually helped, including Oprah Winfrey! Oprah herself testifies to Tony’s brilliance. The firewalk is just a way of giving you a very simple message- if you can walk through 2000 degrees of burning, glowing hot coal, there are very few things you can’t do! By fighting your fears, you overcome them.
One of the reasons why Tony is the best person to talk about life situations is because through 59 years of his life, he has had his share of difficulties. From health issues, to financial issues, and even heartbreak. He has managed to learn the power of self healing, and thus stands where he does today. And who better can help you deal with something, than those who have dealt with it themselves? Tony is your one stop solution. So register for UPW 2020 , Birmingham, and give him a chance to turn your life around! Those 4 days will be an investment for a better life.

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