Is Madchester the event for you?

Madchester is returning this October! The March event was so good, it sold out completely. Luckily, it’s returning for round two. This event consists of UK’s finest tributes from ‘The Stone Rose’ (Resurrection) to ‘Oasis’ (The Oasis Experience).

This event takes place at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester. At the event there is a full outdoor fairground, a food court and even a gin, shots and tequila bar.

Madchester celebrates the music and culture that has shaped generations. This event rewinds to the music scene that developed in Manchester in the late 1980s. In this music scene, artists merged alternative rock with acid house and other genres.

Madchester is also known as ‘the Sound of the North’. This event brings people together from all over the UK to listen to the music they love. The atmosphere of this event is truly phenomenal. You can feel the music vibrate through the floor and everyone is singing along at the top of their lungs.

Research show that there a several benefit of attending concerts, from reduced stress to increased self-worth. Making it the perfect reason to get yourself tickets to Madchester now.

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