How To Make Money This Halloween?

Halloween is without a doubt everyone’s one of the most favourite festivals around the year. The excitement, the costumes, the treats, the tricks there is not a single thing we don’t like about Halloween. Halloween also marks the beginning of winter-holidays. The perfect time to earn some last minute money for your holiday-shopping!

Halloween, in particular, is one of the best time to make some easy money and earn some profits those eyeing for a lateral hustle. There are more than thousands of moneymaking ideas for Halloween that can earn you astonishing amounts of money for you in the simplest of ways.

Do not worry, it is not any trick-  Here are 10 fun and simple methods to earn some quick money this Halloween:

1. Become a Haunted House Ghost

If you have ever been to a haunted house or corn maze on a Halloween, then you definitely will be aware of those places being populated by scary ghosts and creepy people who freak you out by sneaking up on you.?

Well, someone has to do the work of frightening the visitors.

These jobs usually pay a minimum hourly wage or a little more than that, but getting paid just to dress up in a scary costume and act creepy does sound like a pretty good part-time job.

Or, if you are not able to find something good or all the jobs are filled up then, you could also set up your own spooky house to make things even more interesting. While this is more of a long-term plan, spooky theme parks and haunted houses are part of a budding industry. If you are a Halloween enthusiast with the required time, desire and capital to venture a start-up, this could be a tempting business to start with!

2. Design and Sell / Resell Costumes

Looking for a simple opportunity to make quick and easy money? Something that anyone could do simply by sitting at home?

If you are fairly a pro with a sewing machine, then you should definitely try stitching or designing costumes and then selling them for Halloween. If you are pretty good at it, then your efforts can earn you a pretty good price tag in local markets or even online.

Don’t forget the new trend for pet costumes — pet owners are quite demanding and particular about the demands for their pet costumes, and moreover, their willingness to spend money has only increased over time.

3. Create and sell Halloween Crafts:

Do you like to create cute and tiny little crafts just for fun? You could start creating some Halloween themed crafts and sell them in your neighbourhood or you could also sell it online. There are a plethora of party hosts and event organisers looking out for good and creative crafts and decorations. You could make some good money by selling your stuff to these Halloween fanatics.

4. Become a Halloween Makeup Artist:

If you love doing makeup or prettying your friends up then, this is your time to be the most creative. Halloween is the perfect time of the year to put your craft to work. You could get a temporary job at some haunted house or an event at your local community, where you could do makeup or face paint and charge them at your will.

5.Become a Halloween Party Planner

If you love arranging meetups or trips with your friends or hosting events and parties then this is surely something you will love doing. Planning a party and that too for money sounds even better especially when it is for Halloween. Planning fun activities, arranging food, hosting the event are some of the things that you will be required to do.

It’s a fun way to make some quick money and to explore some interesting niche segment with tremendous scope.

6.DJ a Halloween party

Love music? Don’t just listen to music start mixing them for money. If you know how to spin a disc, drop the beat, keep the party rolling and keep everyone pumped up, then seriously consider DJing at any Halloween themed party. Just make sure you’re doing more than just playing the same set of songs.

7.Run a Concession Stand

For people who are partying or going for a party and jammed in high-traffic areas or popular Halloween destinations, a bottle of water or soda could be just the thing they are looking for — and worth a £3-5 cost. If you can stock up at a godown filled with bottles of soda or water beforehand, you can expect to earn a serious profit.

Just make sure to be legally equipped, by checking up with the local authorities and government bodies for any permits etc.

8.Work at a Pop-Up Shop or Party Store

Party stores and pop-up shops often recruit some temporary staff to help them ease with the burden of extra demand during Halloween.

Halloween party shops and pop up stores are a part of a huge industry, so you can be rest assured about finding one in the neighbourhood.

9. Be a Trick-or-Treating Chaperone or Babysitter

Unfortunately, Halloween is not a holiday for everyone, so plenty of parents will be stuck at work. This is a good time to leverage on these parents by babysitting their kids.

If you tend to like spending time with kids and still wish to go trick-or-treating as a grown up, then Halloween is the perfect time to relive all your golden young days, by offering to chaperone and babysitting services to all the busy parents. Isn’t it really sweet to take care of a baby and also get paid decent— you could simply make as much as 15£ to 18£ per hour.

10. Create Scary Videos:

Nowadays with the digital era and upsurge of videos and social media platforms, making
money by creating videos has only become easy. With a plethora of video sharing
platforms which totally free for users, you can create some scary videos or
prank videos and make good money out of it. Provided the video is something
that catches the eye of your audience and keeps them engaged. You can earn money
every time a user watches your video or any advertiser wants to advertise his products
on your video page.

The above-mentioned tips do not only pertain to Halloween but can be applied to any festival depending on the demand and your target audience. If you wish to make a steady income or stabilize your life or become successful in any aspect of life, then Unleash The Power Within is the event that you need to attend. Tony Robbins’ UPW 2019 is an event like no other where you get to understand and unleash your true self. Learn about the event by clicking here.

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