8 Tips On How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

It’s only been 2 weeks into 2019 and many of us have already given up on our ‘New Year New Me’ resolutions. There have been several times where we have made numerous New Year’s resolutions only to have broken them within weeks or days. The fire and will that we have are very temporary and even if we want to keep our resolutions intact, we somehow fail to keep them. Why do we never learn from our past experience and find out a way to accomplish our resolutions? This year, we will help you stop this vicious cycle of resolving to make a change and then not following through, and tell you how to keep your resolutions successfully. Here are 8 tips to help you get started.


The guaranteed way to not accomplish your goal is to make it unattainable. For example, taking a resolution to NEVER EVER eat your favourite dish or cuisine again is definitely going to set you up to fail. Rather, go all-out for a goal that is achievable and realistic, such as reducing the frequency to just once in a month and then to just once in 2 months and avoiding it more often than you do now.


Never plan your resolutions on the day of New Year’s Eve. When you wait until the last minute, the resolutions will be based only on that current mood, which could lead to some pretty irrational resolutions. So it is always better to plan well in advance and make reasonable & sound resolutions which are not only short term but long term.


Be prepared to deal with the never-ending temptation to skip your workout routine or have that delicious piece of cake or pizza. You could always ask your friends to help you out or practice some good and positive thinking or just constantly reminding yourself how badly this will affect the goal that you have set for yourself. Always remember this quote by Tony Robbins from one of his Unleash The Power Within Seminars, where he states ‘In life you need either inspiration or desperation’. So whenever you feel like giving up just think of this quote and constantly remind yourself about how inspired or desperate you are to achieve your goals.


Do not keep your resolutions, no matter how lame or how difficult you think they are, a secret. Share your resolutions with your family and friends so that they are always there to support you and remind you whenever you feel like breaking your resolution. The ideal situation is where you and your friend share the same resolution and motivate each other to complete them.


It is always helpful to document and write down your thoughts to keep your motivation game strong. Develop a pros and cons list, and also ask your friends, family and others to contribute to your list. Make it a point to always this list with you so that it will come handy whenever you require help keeping your resolution.


Keep a track record of every small success that you achieve. Short term goals are very important in order to achieve your long term goals and at the same time are much easier to accomplish. These small accomplishments will help you keep motivated throughout your process. For instance, if your long term goal is to lose your weight by 30 kgs, then instead of concentrating on losing 30 pounds, you should focus on dropping the first 5 kgs. Maintain a diary or a journal to help you stay on track.


In order to keep moving forward and keep yourself motivated, you should reward yourself whenever you accomplish an achievement or your short term goals. This definitely does not mean that you start having an entire pizza or finish up an entire box of chocolate, especially when your resolution is to maintain a better diet and reduce junk food. Instead, you should celebrate your achievement by doing something that you enjoy and at the same time, it doesn’t contradict with your New Year resolution. For instance, if you have promised yourself to eat better, then reward yourself by going out to a movie with your friends or by gifting yourself a new pair of running shoes.


In case, you have completely run out of energy when it comes to keeping your resolutions, do not be upset or give up. Just simply start it all over again! Commit yourself again for the next 24 hours, and then do this again for the next 24 hours. These 24-hour build ups will soon shape on each other and even before you are aware, you will be back on track where you left off.

Now that you’ve read these tips on keeping a resolution, you are in a very good position to accept and start following the top ways to improve your life this New Year. Your happiness and health is definitely worth the effort and time, so stop waiting and get started!
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