How to boost your confidence

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Confident people are being idolised by others. They tackle their fears and are not afraid to take risks. Why? Because they believe in themselves!

Moreover, confident people are optimistic. They believe that things will go their way even during the toughest of times.

This article will teach you 4 tips to put now into practice and start being confident. But you should bare in mind, that it will take time to become a confident person, so stay patient during the process.       


  1. Surround yourself with positive people

Now is a great time to analyse the group of people you hang out with on a daily basis, whether it is a friend or a family member. It might seem tough to do this step but it’s important to recognise the negative energy people can bring into your space, and gradually remove it in order to gain more confidence.

  1. Be positive

It’s not enough to just surround yourself with optimistic people, you must change your mindset to subconsciously create positive thoughts, even when you feel overwhelmed. It’s important to remain positive in difficult situations and be grateful for even the smallest of things that you take for granted, such as waking up today.  

  1. Change your body language and image

Your body (for instance your posture, eye contact or even the way you walk) can say a lot about whether you are a confident person or struggling to be one. Learn to notice your pain points and gradually improve them. Simple changes such as pulling your shoulders back or smiling more can make a huge difference. It will create the impression that you really are a confident individual, and at the same time your smile with attract others around you. Try to envision yourself being that person and act accordingly everyday everyday.

  1. Make a list for difficult times

Sometimes, life can be tough and it can be difficult to not doubt yourself in those situations. Sit down and make a list of all the things that you are grateful for in your life, and a list of all your achievements. Post these lists in your nearby surroundings; choose a location that you will regurglay pass by, such as on your refrigerator or on the bathroom mirror. When you feel like giving up, both lists will help motivate and inspire you to keep going!     

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