How Gary and AJ Vaynerchuk take over the NFL

AJ and Gary Vaynerchuk, Vaynersports

VaynerSports is another major business venture by Gary and AJ Vaynerchuk. The company is a full-service athlete representation agency, that has started to operate since June 2016. Through offering a more personalised service for athletes, the newly established agency was able to make a name in an industry that already had well renowned agencies for NFL players.

The business aims to establish an unique way to help their clients in going after their interests. It can range from helping them raising awareness for a charity to building their personal brand.

The agency was able to get some of the best NFL athletes in the 2017 draft, signing up Jaölen Reeves-Maybin (drafted by the Detroit Lions), Matt Paradis (Denver Broncos) and Braxton Miller (Houston Texans).  

This year VaynerSports could pick up some more of the league’s best athletes, including Joshua Jackson (drafted by the Green Bay Packers).     

In a recent interview with Forbes, AJ Vaynerchuk outlined that the company is offering the best value to their signed athletes. To join the VaynerSports business, the players have to go through some criterias. One of the agency’s beliefs is that they would only  sign up players if they think that the athlete´s personality matches with the agency’s values. During the interview, AJ emphasised that talent still plays an important role but its the person’s character that ultimately makes the decision. Another important criteria the company follows is whether they believe they can help the player. The reason for this is that the business wants to really help their athletes to achieve their objectives. In return, the business will give its all to provide the best service for the players. But that’s not all, they also ensure the players are getting educated and mentored throughout the whole process; which a majority of agencies don’t do.

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