Get out of Your Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone is a very greedy and demanding zone. It is that space in which we develop a (usually false) perception that everything around us is in order. It is limited to how we have created it, with more or less success, but we still get used to it and do not want to change it. “Why? For what? “- we asked ourselves. “If something is ‘good’ in my life, why do I have to change it? What’s more, why do I have to consider changing it? “

Leaving the comfort zone implies having the awareness that, perhaps, there are things in your life that are not so rewarding and that you could modify, and also have the enthusiasm necessary to commit to generating a change of scenery in your life.

How to Get out of the Comfort Zone:

However, leaving the personal comfort zone requires several efforts or “sacrifices”:

  1. First, be willing to wake up to what does not do well in your life. Sometimes, having become accustomed to living situations that we cannot change at the beginning leads us to not contemplate possibilities of change later on. Leaving the comfort zone entails giving yourself the possibility and the opportunity to get out of the dissatisfaction, the drama and the chaos in which the routine has enveloped you. A routine that has led you to see life and current circumstances in a “normal” or “natural” way. That is not being complete or satisfied. That is adjusting and compromising to a diminished way of life. Give a fresh air to your compromised way of life and consider the possibility of recycling your life to be stronger and happier.


  1. Taking a risk, having a proactive attitude and the courage to accept changes are the most essential traits to get out of the comfort zone. To fear the (fictitious) security that keeps you clinging to a burning nail is synonymous with condemning yourself to die little by little. Remain attentive to the changes that life urges you and encourages you to live in the best way and always make sure to continually rethink where the limits of your comfort zone lie.


  1. What is it that makes you happy? What would you like to achieve in your life? Do you know what you want in your life? Taking action and taking responsibility for changing your life is absolutely necessary to get out of your comfort zone. If not, inertia, apathy, lack of interest and boredom will undermine your ability to change. They will invite you again to settle into laziness and boredom. Never ever let that happen.

As you can see, the previous points are based on the will to change. Being satisfied with your life does not necessarily mean living in the comfort zone. Even the ones who would like their life to change but are not willing or motivated enough to take action to live in their comfort zone.

Tony Robbins Comfort zone

Now the question is: Do you really want to leave your comfort zone?

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