Gay parades in London, New York and São Paulo

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Cities and towns across the globe are currently celebrating and recognising the LGBT community, but have you ever wondered what this celebration looks like? Here is a review of the three most attended LGBT pride parades taking place in the two biggest cities: London (UK), New York (United States) and São Paulo (Brazil).



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LGBT Parade march in London 2018, Credit: The Sun

The LGBT parade took place last saturday (7th of July) with this year’s theme “Pride Matters”. Around 30,000 of people partied on the streets of central London including almost 500 LGBT groups. Groups such as Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre, Xtend which is a support group for gay parents, and Educate & Celebrate which works on transforming more schools into LGBT friendly places were amongst the parade march. The parade route started in Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square, and was opened by the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and the women and equalities minister, Penny Mordaunt.

Gay parade in London, rainbow flags

In this picture: Penny Mordaunt and Sadiq Khan, Credit: The Guardian

The NHS´ 70th anniversary was also celebrated since it plays an important part in the LGBT community and to recognise the work they have done so far. However, the parade was partly interrupted by a few lesbians anti-trans protesters carrying signs with the captions “trans activists erase lesbians”. Nevertheless, this protest could not stop the party where also corporate sponsors took part such as Barclays and Virgin Atlantic.

New York: 

The vibrant parade took place on Sunday 24th of June in New York. Millions of people gathered together in rainbow colours to celebrate the diversity of LGBT culture from Greenwich Village and up Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The event included extravagant wigs, makeup and floats. The colourful parade was held by the NYC Pride organisation.

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Pride parade NYC 2018, Credit: News.Abs.Cbn

The atmosphere of this year´s LGBT pride was much more cheerful and light compared to last year, when everyone paid tribute to the 49 people who were brutally killed in the mass shooting at the gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. This year’s grand marshals were not only tennis icon, Billie Jean King, but also transgender advocate Tyler Ford and the civil rights association Lambda Legal. 

Lambda Legal, gay pride NYC 2018, lgbt parde march 2018

Lambda Legal, Credit: Lambdalegal

During the celebration, a political movement was not missing so of course President Donald Trump, who still does not acknowledge the LGBT community, was seen on banners and signs amongst the rainbow flags.

LGBT pride in New York 2018, gay pride NYC, 2018, american flag, rainbow flag

LGBT Pride in New York 2018, Credit: Metro 

São Paulo:

Gay Pride in São Paulo, Lgbt parade in Brazil 2018, rainbow flag

Gay Pride in São Paulo 2018, Credit: The Guardian 

Another big pride event was held in São Paulo in Brazil where thousands of people wore multi-coloured costumes to celebrate the pride month. In Brazil, the event has been being celebrated since 1997 and usually starts in May and June. In 2006, around 2.5 million people gathered together to celebrate the event, which was the biggest LGBT pride; making it into the Guinness World Records Book.

Gay guy, Lgbt parade 2018 in São Paulo, rainbow flags

LGBT parade in São Paulo, Credit: The Guardian

The parade started at Paulista Avenue toward Rua da Consolação and ended at Roosevelt Square, with thousands of people coming together to wave rainbow flags and enjoy the music coming from 18 sound trucks. The theme for this year’s parade was “Power for the LGBT – Our Vote, Our Voice”, which also raised awareness of Brazil’s national elections which is this October.      

So, like what you have just read and want to take part of one of the parades? Click the link below to find the nearest gay parade:


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