Forgive the Past to Live The Present

We usually live too long for what we had, wanting what we do not have, blaming ourselves for what we did or for what we did not dare to do. And meanwhile, we are choosing to live in a place that no longer belongs to us, which is already history.

Many say that we should forget our past but I think, the way forward is to FORGIVE. To forgive means to embrace, to understand, to thank the situation that made you learn; to change, to accept, to overcome and to become attentive. If we forget what happened and try to deny the situation, then we are just stopping ourselves from advancing forward from that time in our lives. To forget is never a way to advance.

Now imagine yourself in the image portrayed above, the wave touches your feet, gives you sensations, sinks your feet in the sand, moistens your skin, refreshes you, recoils and joins the sea again. Another comes immediately to caress you but you keep remembering what the previous wave made you feel and you don’t bother to see what the new wave brings with it and miss everything. This is exactly what happens when we stick to our past by just forgetting it and not forgiving. A new wave would have brought new sensations, a new moment, a new life, but you chose to keep searching for the previous wave. Without realising; and now you have lost the moment. And this is the case for our lives.

Thank the previous wave, let it go, do not try to go in search of it, let it return to the sea and allow yourself to experience the next one without the experience of the previous one that drags you down. You are no longer what that wave made you feel, you are only what you allow yourself to experience.

Move forward, feel again, learn again, risk again! Do not get lost in the spiral of a past time that you cannot live or change anymore. And then, when you decide to become aware of what each new exciting experience comes your way, you will be prepared to choose to embrace its totality and release it in time, to be able to embrace the next prospect, experience dream, and thus, be your present.

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