Drivers of Success

What does it really take to succeed? Everyone wants to be successful in life and learn the essential keys to be successful. But only a few of us really become successful by achieving our goals and dreams. In this competitive world, there various versions of being a perfectionist- being the perfect dad, the perfect student, having a perfect body, or having a perfect career. But what is your version of being perfect? We are all unique individuals, with our own values, strengths, attributes and weaknesses. In this article, we have pointed out 6 drivers of success suggested by Tony Robbins, which can help you discover and identify your own drivers of success.

Recently we learned about the Success Formula by Tony Robbins where he explains the perfect ingredients to achieve success and fulfil your dreams. In this post, Tony Robbins defines a few driving factors that serve as an impulse and are basic activators that can guarantee success.


  1. Passion: It is the internal force or internal impulse that moves an individual towards the execution of actions in an energetic way, to achieve the goals set.
  2. Faith: success is all about the power of beliefs. It is our belief and faith in who we are and the internal certainty of reaching our goals that determine the results we obtain.
  3. Strategy: It is the determination of the steps, actions and specific resources that we plan to use to achieve the goal.
  4. Clarity of values: The judgments of ethical, moral and practical order that build our personality are primary factors in gaining clarity of values. These factors build our vision of good and evil. Therefore, there must be a congruence between the goals we set and our values.
  5. Energy: It has to do with the vitality that is needed to act in the physical, intellectual and psychological order, in order to make the most of our possibilities and, therefore, the opportunities that come our way.
  6. Master in communications: To achieve success it is vital to communicate properly, and this includes both external communication as well as internal communication.

All these elements are intimately related and are part of a basic support system to achieve success. Analyse these 6 drivers of success against the goal you have in mind. Above all, be truthful to what really matters to you and that will lead you to your road to success.

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