Turn your Dreams into Reality

In search of happiness and fulfilment, more and more people aspire to change. Living a more serene and calm life has become a common fantasy among ordinary people. However, taking the steep turn to accelerate one’s life cannot be done overnight. It will take a lot of efforts to finally hope to live the life you want, both personally and professionally. So between the dream of a better life and the reality that you live today, it is up to you to transform your daily life by simply taking action. In this blog, Tony Robbins helps us understand- how to anticipate, prepare and access to the change of life.

Step 1: Stock up your MOTIVATION

Once you feel a need or desire to improve your life, the first thing you need to do is take stock of your main sources of motivation. You must then take stock of the different essential aspects of your life, namely health, money, work, love, etc. The idea here is to become aware of the origin of your dissatisfaction.

Understanding where and how you have lost control of your life is very important so that you can realize what exactly you aspire to change or become in your new life. No matter what your age, profession or sentimental situation is, take a step back and decipher in your own way this feeling of completely missing out on life. When you choose to change your life completely, starting everything from the scratch is the most difficult decision.

Step 2: ask the right questions

To achieve a new beginning and change of life, a moment of reflection is needed. In spite of your determination and your will to improve your life, it is necessary to make clear to you that the change is not easy, that it is not without risk for you as for your entourage.

Also, to test and boost your motivation, ask yourself how far you are willing to go to change your life. You now have a concrete idea of the new life you want to live in, but have you planned for a Plan B in the event that your move is unsuccessful along the way? Likewise, what are the risks associated with this eventual change, both for you and your loved ones?

Step 3: identify the obstacles to its evolution

By going through this phase of reflection, you enter a phase of awareness, essential to really trigger the click that will push you to act on your change. If you are at a stage in your life where everything comes down to dissatisfaction, you must identify all the internal and external factors that are holding back your evolution.

Most often, we reproach our entourage, our spouse, our professional environment to prevent us from fully flourishing. Yet, it must be understood that you are the first responsible for your situation. Look for the brakes you impose on yourself, such as the fear of others’ judgment, the fear of failure, your inability to let go of your past, your fear of the unknown …

Step 4: Make a tailor-made action plan

Now that you are beginning to understand why you have so much trouble moving forward in your life, you need to craft an action plan based on your new expectations in life. The goal here is to start with your real needs and desires and to draw a path that can lead you to personal fulfilment.

In other words, you must take actions that meet your new goals. It is clear that your ultimate goal is to live happier and more serene, but the important thing is to make changes in the different aspects of your life in which you feel the most dissatisfaction. From a professional or sentimental point of view, develop an approach that allows you to evolve in this direction.

Step 5: Your failures, your source of learning

Finally, know that to be happy, you will have to learn. Your main source of learning will then be your failures. A love disappointment like the loss of a job is so many failures that anyone can know at least once in their life.

Check out your biggest defeats and take a step back from possible mistakes that led you to these failures. The important thing is that you keep in mind that it is these failures that help to better understand your weaknesses and thus help you to improve every day and that in the different aspects of your life. To learn is to evolve, and only evolution guarantees you change.

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