A millionaire in his early 30’s – Peng Joon

Growing up, we all aspire to be that version of ourselves that out-does the rest. We want to be better in a shorter span of time. Most success stories we read are of people who make it big towards the second half of their lives. But walking amongst us are prodigies who have created magic even before they reach thirty! Magic in terms of ideation, innovation, and their success rate! One such person in Peng Joon.

Peng Joon was a simple boy who grew up on a farm, studied hard and aced his grades. Although he had an ordinary and unremarkable childhood, he grew up watching his hardworking father work day and night for his family. He was academically brilliant and his life seemed to be perfectly on track until he won a scholarship to study at the University of Warwick. Then, somehow, university life and youth overpowered his self discipline and brought him down from straight As, to barely clearing his college exams. 

This put him in a major scholarship debt, with the possibility of only a below average salary. That, is when it hit him. Instead of continuing with his job, he decided to use his skill set to make something people would find interesting and want to buy. He went online and created a guide on how to play the computer game World of Warcraft- something the youngsters love! The sales profits for the guide were thrice what any job could have paid him!

Peng Joon realized the power of the internet and how it can be used to not only make money, but also make your dreams come true. Today, at only 32, Peng Joon owns a million dollar business that he established in under 7 years. At his company, Smobble, his team helps people like himself who are searching for direction about how to take their knowledge and transform that knowledge into a product that’s monetizable on the internet. He helps you convert your idea into your product with the bare minimum resources, and turn your passion into profit! Peng Joon now uses his own experience of learning how to make money online with nothing but a computer and an internet connection to help people do the same globally. 

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