5 Secrets To Increase your Self-Esteem

The key to being happy lies in loving yourself. Forget for a moment the outside world, disconnect from any technology and ask yourself: Do I really love myself as for who I am? Try to answer this question sincerely and, if you really feel that you do, then good for you, but in case you respond with a no, do not despair: There is a way out and maybe you can raise your self-esteem with these tips.

But first, we will tell you why you should consider giving your self-esteem a little boost. Low self-esteem can cause our life a number of problems, among them, we find the lack of self-confidence, which at the same time causes a lack of determination and commitment. In general, low self-esteem puts us more in a state of survival instead of fully living our lives, making us see the glass always half empty.

Now let’s stop talking about problems and go straight to the solutions. Here you have a list of 5 tips that will help you raise your self-esteem, restore your desire to live and be happy again and improve yourself every day.

5 Strategies to Increase Your Self-esteem


  1. Do not try to please everyone

One of the things that repeatedly damages our self-esteem is trying to please everyone. But, it is important for you to understand that you cannot please everyone. It is practically impossible as we are all completely different people, with different goals and tastes.

The mere act of pleasing others for the simple reason of impressing them is, often, a way to erode the image you have of yourself because you cannot act according to what you genuinely want. And that is what makes you lose yourself to others.


  1. Learn to say NO

There is yes, but also NO. Learn to say it: By denying someone something, you set the limits, both for yourself and for the people around you. We are not asking you to say No in each and every situation you come across but you should learn to say NO only after assessing a situation. For instance, by saying yes to a situation where you already don’t feel comfortable, it will land you in an unpleasant or an uncomfortable position. For this reason, you should be frank enough to say No.

Give this small change to your attitude and you will feel more in control over your life, which in turn will boost your self-esteem.


  1. Do things that inspire you

We all need something that moves us, something that leads us to do great things and nurtures our desire to do something meaningful in our lives. Low self-esteem is, on many occasions, a sign of lack of inspiration in our lives.

Fortunately, this is easily solvable, especially with the power of the internet in our hands.

Search for readings, phrases, videos, audios or any material that might inspire you. Do not envy the achievements of others, better rejoice and use them as a guide and inspiration for your own purposes because: if someone else is doing it, why not you?


  1. Do not compare yourself with others

Many people are predisposed to compare themselves with others. This behaviour can damage our self-esteem, especially if we are very far from our model to follow. That is to say, the error is not in having a model to follow, but in wanting to be exactly like that person and constantly comparing ourselves.

You are unique so there is no need to compare yourself with others. Your only task is to improve yourself every day. Take other people as examples, but not as competitors. By understanding and applying this, our self-esteem will make a nice leap because we stop that desire to compare ourselves and focus more on developing our own person.


  1. Celebrate your achievements and failures

Celebrate every good thing that you do in your day to day, but do not forget to also acknowledge your mistakes, which might be difficult to do so. Do not take them in a negative way and instead learn from them (so celebrate them too!).

Feel happy to be alive, you have more opportunities to achieve and so many things that your heart longs for. Treat yourself with for example small gifts or chocolate which can draw you a smile.

There is an external and an internal world, and the latter is the most important for your happiness, given that it is your reality, the one that you live within your day by day, second by second. A stable and healthy self-esteem is a sure card to personal happiness. However, it will take work and some time to repair it, but it’s really worth the efforts.

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