❤ The Day of LOVE ❤

Love is an unconditional feeling of warmth, gratitude and caring toward the people who matter to you, but also, toward yourself. Love has the power to change lives, heal hearts, and form irrevocable bonds. Love is indeed, magical. And Valentines Day is an occasion to embrace this magic.

For those spending this special day with their better halves, significant others, or even with themselves, this day is an excuse to show some love! Get two tickets to a romantic movie, plan a candle light dinner, or stay in and cook yourself a meal together! On the contrary, being single is no excuse to not celebrate. Go shopping and pamper yourself, buy yourself your favourite cup of coffee, and go for a relaxing spa!

We need to break free from the conventional concept of love and accept the fact that love for yourself, for another person of the opposite gender, and for another person of the same gender, are all still true love! There is no prerequisite for love except unconditionally being there, for others and for yourself. So this V’Day, let’s go beyond the roses and chocolates and everything else generic, and inculcate the feeling of togetherness, which is the true spirit St. Valentine propagated.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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