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How it all began: The Stonewall Riots

June has been selected as the Pride Month, and gay parades are held annually all over the world but why exactly has June been chosen as the official month to honour lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) members?   It’s important to know the history surrounding this event which marks the Stonewall Riots´ anniversary, taking

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7 Ways to Start Valuing Yourself

One of the biggest myths that is fed into our minds is that setting ourselves as a number one priority is selfish and unkind. But the truth is, it is the most loving thing that we can do to ourselves. When we are in a good space and when we have all our energy at

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FIFA World Cup 2018 Quarter-finals Review

With the quarter-finals finally over, we are down to just four teams in the tournament. Here is an overview of how it all happened. France vs Uruguay Unfortunately for Uruguay, they found out prior to the match that one of their stars Edinson Cavani was not going to be fit due to the leg injury

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Gay parades in London, New York and São Paulo

Cities and towns across the globe are currently celebrating and recognising the LGBT community, but have you ever wondered what this celebration looks like? Here is a review of the three most attended LGBT pride parades taking place in the two biggest cities: London (UK), New York (United States) and São Paulo (Brazil).

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FIFA World Cup 2018 Match Reviews

The group stage has come to an end, and we have already seen some thrilling knockout matches. With almost 80% of the tournament completed, it is time to review some of the matches. Argentina vs France After a disappointing draw against Iceland and a meltdown against Croatia, no one believed in Argentina’s chances to do

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