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Cowboys Stadium

The Founders Club seats (All Access) at Cowboys Stadium (now AT&T Stadium) are the finest seats available in the billion dollar stadium. However, these seats don’t come cheap. The current face value for tickets in this section is $340.00 per game but that only tells a small portion of the story. The Founders Club seats are available for Season Ticket holders with seat options or Private Seat License for those luxury seats. The Seat Options for these seats are $150,000.00 each. Yep that’s one hundred and FIFTY THOUSAND dollars and since most folks buy two or more you are looking at $300,000.00 at a minimum, simply for the RIGHT to purchase season tickets to Dallas Cowboys host games the next 30 years. So you can either buy a nice 3 or 4 bedroom home in Plano or you can pick up a pair season tickets for the Dallas Cowboys.  But no worries because the Cowboys will let you FINANCE these seat options at an 8% rate.

Founcers Club Cowboys Stadium

Founders Club Section highlighted in Yellow

Founders Club seats are located on the second level of AT&T Stadium between the 40 yard lines on both sides of the field. These are in sections C235 with a small portion of C234 and C236 on the visitors sideline and sections C210 with a small portion of C209 and C211 on the Cowboys sideline. Besides the best views of the game, Founders Club seating also offers Roomier cushioned seats, access to the field level club areas where you can watch the players enter the stadium as well as all inclusive food and beverages.  Also, Founders Club ticket holders also have access to the best  or closest to the Stadium parking available at AT&T Stadium.

Founders Club Seats

Founders Club seat holders also have the option to purchase tickets to any other events that are held at the Stadium including any future Super Bowls, the Cotton Bowl, the Cowboys Classic and other events like basketball, boxing, rodeo, etc. The Dallas Cowboys have sold out of The Founders Club seats for the foreseeable future but these seats are still available on a game to game basis via the secondary market as well as the Seat License for these tickets are also being sold on the secondary market at places like PSL Source.

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  1. Are infants allowed inside founders club?

  2. Yes, infants are allowed in anywhere in the stadium.

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